You leveled up

I woke up this morning with the drive to write a blog post. And with the time to do it. When does that ever happen? Answer? It happens only in conjunction with the sudden realization that I have nothing to say. It’s all blather. I don't want to recount the early departure of the youngest,... Continue Reading →

Pieces of Home

The other night, Wednesday I believe, we were out at Picnic Flow enjoying the waves on the basalt and the dancing moon in the ‘tide’pools. The Flow is this amazing tilt of lavarock, just shoving out into Lake Superior, and a favorite place of ours at Gooseberry Falls. We're especially drawn out there at night,... Continue Reading →

Fire and Fear Relieved

Well, I finally got my bonfire last night. I don't know what's going on with the weather this fine Wisconsin November, but you won't hear me complaining. Nothing short of gorgeous. So, just as Scott was finishing filling out the woodpile for winter, we dipped into the stores for a little evening blaze. An evening... Continue Reading →

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