Current Projects


A work of creative non-fiction, or if I must be frank, memoir. I cringe at the word, but alas, it is what I am writing. Borne of a blog post or two gone awry, Topography is a labor of love following our family through our last camping trip with all three of my girls in attendance still as kiddos, aka the one before the eldest crawled across the threshold to adulthood. It is a telling of our story, messy though it is, through that lens. Of beginnings, of endings, and of more and endless beginnings.

The Art of the Waffle

My first novel, The Art of the Waffle, is a piece of Young Adult Literary Fiction, and has been wallowing in a drawer for a few years. I made it 98% through the first draft and 30% through the first round of revisions. The ending – life of the surprise party – is saving itself for future revisions that may or may not ever arrive. Time will tell, but what I learned from that first experiment is that I’m more of a creative non-fiction gal. Who knew?


Our little local writers’ group aims to provide camaraderie, accountability, and a safe place to give and receive genuine and focused feedback on one another’s writing endeavors.  Some day we’ll all be able to say, “I knew them when…”

Write On, Ladies!

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