Having a Saturday

So I’ve had about enough of this guy:

I know, the picture doesn’t really give you anything to be immediately irate about. Seemed no matter the angle, I couldn’t show how very flat half of that hosta is.

So anyway, it’s flat. Why? Because we’ve got a coon that likes to visit at night and slurp up spent sunflower seeds from under the feeder. The bear has stopped his nightly visits, but the coon hath replaced him. He torketh me off.

Remember when Scott and the bear scared each other out there? Ah, good times.

So now I have to find the BB gun and defend the hostas. Honestly.

Also, look, WordPress seems to have come out with this handy feature:

I’m speechless. The possibilities dizzy me.

OK, fine.

In other news, the temperature has dropped down from 11,000°, and it is actually nice out there. We put the garden in today without even needing any emergency hydration!

And then we CHOSE to sit outside and read in this coveted spot in the yard. For hours.

‘Twas shaded at the time, and I kid you not, I got a little chilly.

Then the older generation and the younger generation decided to head to the beach, which is a place I can’t go, because of the aforementioned 11,000° week, coupled with my last trip to the beach:

Let’s ignore the old lady neck and concentrate on the problematic tonal differences. This is my neck 48 hours after my last trip to the beach.

Yeah. I did’r good. Because why do’r at all if you’re not going to do’r good?

I think it goes without saying, but I’m avoiding the sun. That garden up there went in in the cool shade of morning. And that reading I did was in the cool and breezy shade of my maples. Right through my shirt, the sun feels like a laser.

The beach wasn’t happening.

But on such a luxurious Saturday, as that sun approached my reading spot, it seemed like a nap could happen.

And now, before I go drag the table into back into the shade? I thought I’d update you on the state of affairs here on the Homestead this fine Saturday.

Also, look who’s reading my book now:

Yes, indeed, it is my #1 proofreader.
This guy catches the strangest things. All the time.

And just a few snapshots of the week from hell…

These guys came for a visit:

Ramone’s, melting faster than you can lick it.

And I found this guy at the Dahlia Altar on the back deck:

Hard to catch the shade under a tree that small, but he was working hard at it.

Yes, I watered him. He was floating for a while.

Alrighty, folks. If you need me, I’ll be reading in the shade,

12 thoughts on “Having a Saturday

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  1. We have a pair of raccoons who come every night to raid the feeders. They’re so destructive we have to bring everything now as soon as it gets dark. If they would just eat the seed I’d be fine with it. But they break the feeders, the suet cages, the oriole nectar platform…. and that which they don’t break? They drag to the woods. They torketh me off as well.
    Love your little frog visitor, but yikes woman. Stay out of the sun!

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  2. And at least your raccoon did not do the damage that “ours” did at our beach house last August. Our son-in-law smelled something that was not right in the room they were staying in and he went out to investigate and saw tons of big flies around the vent in the crawl space.

    To make a long story short, it turned out to be a 45 pound raccoon who dropped down through the vent which was not sturdy and he could not get out. Before he “departed” (the world) he tore up all the vapor covering, ripped through and destroyed the insulation and even ate through much of the duct work.

    When we got there, the three guys from the company we called to help, were coming out and haz-mat suits. We decline their offer to let us see the carcass. Total damage = almost $7,000 although fortunately our homeowners’ insurance paid for all but the $500 deductible. We learned our lesson and all the grill work on the vents is now sturdy.

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    1. Oh, MAN! I’ll take the hosta damage! I’ll even take all the chickens they killed over out decade of chicken farming. That’s AWFUL. And I’m all too familiar with the smell of departed coon; I’m so sorry! 🤢


  3. I actually saw a raccoon on my patio last year, in the middle of Fresno, CA! I only saw it once, but for a few nights it was knocking over stuff and digging around in my flowers. Haven’t seen any bears though. 😂😂

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  4. Glad you were able to enjoy the pleasure reading outdoors–for hours. Don’t know what it is about fresh air and books, but they do make a lovely combination! Another fun-to-read post, KJ. When do the rest of us get to read your book?!

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