It does not bode well that I had to rummage through the annals of the Nexus to remember what my Word for 2020 was.

I mean, if we’re all being honest here, 2020 has been a bit of a distraction all around. But I couldn’t even THINK of it. Even when I TRIED.


That was it. Maybe you remember.

You might have surmised by now that I didn’t hold 2020’s Word in my heart very well thus far. You are correct about that. Somewhere along the lines of 30 seconds after I settled on Peace, I’m pretty sure the world started burning and I plumb forgot–well–everything.

I don’t know why today was the day that I remembered, or wanted to remember badly enough to look it up, but I suspect it had something to do with the current peace quotient in my mind. I’ll let you figure the math on that one.

Regardless, there it was, laid out nice and neat, completely with lucid explanation. Found a broken link in that post, so I had to fix that before I could really get back to work on Peace, but I’ve arighted the blog boat, and I’m here now, and wondering how to find some. Of the Peace.

Anybody else struggling with that one?

The sun is out, and I’ve managed to conjure a giant pot of chicken soup for dinner. I stand by what I wrote back in January, and even now, after many months of derailing and a complete abandonment of the Annual Words, I’m taking my own advice. I’m headed out for a walk, I’m taking a little extra time for prayer and meditation, I’m reading St. Anne–for she always helps me to climb back down out of the tree–and I’m casting my eyes towards my 2020 Word of the Year. We’ll just see what happens.

Yes, I’m aware that is TWO pots of soup. It’s been divided, for some to be frozen. Yes, I’m also aware it’s a horrid photo. It’s because of the sun, which I’m pretty happy with at the moment, so I’ll tolerate its interference.


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  1. Ah, yes, the elusive quest for peace… Interesting word for 2020! And yet, it sounds like you are creating it in your home with homemade chicken soup (so comforting) and a quiet walk in the sunshine. We may have chaos in the world but I do believe we can find peace within ourselves. Cheers!

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