Wearing out.

The fan attached to our bargain model fireplace unit is dying. It’s a small miracle that it has gotten us this far, and it’ll be a large one if it fires up this fall when we call it back into service. You know how things on the brink of death get after a season of... Continue Reading →

A dozen, give or take…

... books I am currently reading. There was a day, not so very long ago, that I was not able to keep more than one set of pages on my plate, and even then things might linger for months unread. At some point, I remember venturing into multiple reads, hesitantly, like a Florida native checking... Continue Reading →

A Sylvan Quest

My very being is a sacrifice.  A service to the human race.  I feed them, shelter them, warm them.  Without me, they are a suffering lot indeed.  I give everything I am, even unto my own death and cremation.  Not complaining, not resisting, no objections at all do I offer.  I cool them in the... Continue Reading →

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