I’ve never sat writing in my winter boots before, at least not inside. I’ve also never, not to my memory, burped up chocolate guacamole, which also just happened, but that is beside the point. I’m here writing in my clunky winter boots because a guy was supposed to be here almost an hour ago to... Continue Reading →


As I sit here there are 9 Rubik's Cubes within my field of vision. Things have gotten out of hand. For the record, my personal best time for the 3x3x3 is 1:25. (there are also 3 timers nearby) I'm getting faster, but my kids are getting faster... faster. I am soon to be left in... Continue Reading →

A quick whine…

I threw my back into some kind of ill-mannered, all-encompassing, driven-by-the-hounds-of-hell spasm the other day. So here I am, sitting on my couch for the 5 minutes allotted to me before I'll have to lie down again, staring out the window at this glorious spring day. There is a comically stinky dog licking himself at... Continue Reading →

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