Dog in my soup

Unbelievably, I started feeling a tickle in the back of my throat On The Way Home from my retreat. It wasn’t enough that my windshield wipers revolted and the roads were horrendous and I was all tense like someone who hadn’t driven in a week was cast out into a blizzard—oh, wait—and then I had... Continue Reading →

What was I thinking?

It's always amazing to me how effective procrastination is as a tool to get everything else in your life done. Always. What I really needed to do today was figure out what hilarious anecdote to share for the up and coming Terror and Storytelling Event. You see, the lovely folks who organize said event would... Continue Reading →

A fit of exhausted frugality.

It's been a rough week. Something terrible happened to my body last week and it is in... shall we say... revolt. The proverbial wheels have fallen off the bus, and are currently speeding down I-94 on their own self-directed course. I am certain they'll return eventually, when convinced I'll welcome them home with contrition, tears, and... Continue Reading →


Yeah.  That's pretty much all I can say.  Weekend with Your Novel was amazing.  Workshops, guest speakers, agents, critique groups.  All crammed into 24 exhausting hours.  Exhausting, and encouraging, and challenging, and humbling, and did I mention exhausting? I was in bed by 9 both nights.  So much for making the most of my time.  On... Continue Reading →

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