A change of plans

So back in the day, Solomon finished the Temple and brought in the Ark, and they had one big to-do. A major shindig. They sacrificed so many sheep and oxen that they couldn’t be counted. How many must that be, for not long ago they had just gotten through numbering every male in Israel, to... Continue Reading →


I found this post lost and lonely in my drafts folder. Apparently I never hit the publish button.  It seems a fine time to finally throw it out there, after I froze my butt off today pulling tomato cages out of the frozen earth, bedecked in blaze orange to alert the hunters of my non-deer-ness.... Continue Reading →

The camping trip that wasn’t

We should be camping right now. Soaking up the fresh air and relaxing in the cool waters. Watching the stars by firelight, both dancing to the rhythm of creation, tugging us along behind. Basking in the glow of new places and chocking them up in the annals of camping history. But we're not. We're at... Continue Reading →

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