Down the road

The wood splitter is headed down the road, back home to the West Hill. For the last time of 2018. This means, for the uninitiated, that the wood for the year is complete. Or so we hope. Every year, we think we have a better handle on what we will actually burn in the coming... Continue Reading →

A treasure lost in the computer…

Things are tightening down a bit.  And loosening up.  My image of God, my perception of the Truth, my model of Perfection.  They are being honed in and refined, while at the same time broadening out and becoming more and more universal.  It is an interesting process, and one which has proven greatly frustrating, and... Continue Reading →

Lofty Goals

Last night was the first meeting of a small group of writers in my life, some amazing and wonderful fellow homeschoolers and a couple of glorious folks from A Weekend With Your Novel.  Despite the numerous and compelling reservations many of us had about our physical ability to take on one more thing, we all... Continue Reading →

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