The Feels Like temperature, or if you will, the Wind Chill, has broken 102. I am hot. I wouldn't be quite so hot if the air conditioner was working, but it seems that the blower motor, or the control panel, or some integral part of the furnace, has succumbed to the lightning strike back in... Continue Reading →

Buying a car

We're buying a car. I'd post about something else, but really, buying a car is kind of all-consuming. What makes the purchase really interesting is finding yourself squarely in the $2-3K bracket. There is not much car out there for that much $, but alas, there we are. The minivan was given its last rites... Continue Reading →

Missing but not missed

Rolling on down the road in our rustbucket of a minivan this afternoon, I spied something in the ditch, nestled neatly up against the Stop Ahead sign. Half covered in weeds, with only 2.3 letters showing, was a license plate. It took a minute to register, but once it did I just had to knock 'er into reverse... Continue Reading →

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