Dropped my phone in the toilet this morning.

I’d have taken a picture, but this seemed a grossly ineffective use of my time. Also, a logistical conundrum considering the camera itself was in the toilet.

This pretty much ties up my week. An appropriately shaded ribbon on the package of the past handful of days. Hell, if we wanna get all cosmic, we can go bigger… An apropos addition to the train wreck that is 2020.

I don’t have a whole lot more to say about it. I just wanted to keep you all apprised of the situation on the ground. The trajectory of the planet holds, and my phone rests in a bed of rice.

I know you’re wondering…
Just so happens that this week I’ve been test-driving a wiped-clean old phone, to see if it might be an adequate backup, in the event that anyone around here is stupid enough to drop their phone in the toilet.
Appears to take pictures just fine.

The knuckle still throbs. The moles still tunnel. The pandemic still rages.

The garden fence is not yet secured and the hayfield still festers with buckthorn. The world is upended with hatred and we are all ramped up just a little more than is good for anyone’s blood pressure.

And the phone has been flushed.

Also, the catbird nest that I didn’t photograph for you the other day appears to have been looted.

On the upside, the weather is fantastic, most of the garden is finally in, and the cardboard is holding.

Anybody sick of seeing that Soup Can yet?

Today is a needed and welcome break from the rest of the hideous week in the hospital with random acquaintances who shall not be named (protection of the innocent, the private, and the somewhat neurotic).

When the hospital couch starts looking comfy, you’ve been there too long.

My tribe is as amazing today as it has ever been, and I’ll never begin to understand where I found them. A few of my new pants still fit after running through resizing machine that is my washer. And love still manages to shine through the chaos, every damned time.

Also, there is music:

Turns out, I don’t have So Very Much to complain about.

Here’s to Peace, even especially in the chaos,

Image credit unknown, but it is the Kid who found the image and posted it to her Insta story where I snagged it, so we’ll give her credit. We just won’t say which kid. 🙄

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  1. Glad those rings are off and hope your fingers recover. I’ve had mild arthritis in my hands for some years but they don’t trouble me often these days, just a bit of tightness. Phone down the toilet and bathed in rice, another minor inconvenience I guess, nice to have a backup. Troubles in the world, it’s a dog’s breakfast out there, and I’m staying home. I totally love the graphic, those kids always cheer us up.

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