Visitors, welcome and not

We had ten male cardinals at the feeder yesterday. Six females hanging out in the wings. We don't usually get that many. Not at once. Beautiful! The blue jays were missing yesterday, too, like we were part of some neighborhood bird exchange program. Hmm... We did get another foot (and then some) of snow this... Continue Reading →

On the Eve of the End

This is it, folks. The third annual WWF Retreat is coming to an end tomorrow. Sad Face. 😦 To avoid confusion and possible excommunication, I'll just lay things bare: WWF in this version of reality means Writing With Friendsand Writing With Friends only. To commemorate the end of the world as we know it, I'd... Continue Reading →

Retreating with Nabby

Nabs, in her favorite spot. In 2010, we took our first trip into the Boundary Waters with kids in tow. Two years prior, we ventured in for our honeymoon, and resolved to somehow figure a way to get all the kids into the wilderness with us. Spoiler Alert: Careful readers will note that the Annual... Continue Reading →


Mid-July, in an email exchange revolving mostly around calculus, carpooling, and a boy named Fred, my dear friend - let's call her Yolanda* - appended the following personal news: Yolanda: Our clothes dryer broke down, so I picked one up for $35 on Craigslist. Hoping it doesn't burst into flames. For now underpants are on... Continue Reading →


Hours on the phone with Lenovo: ~72, but who's counting? In-home technician visits: 5 New motherboards: 4 Additional parts replaced: several (fan, power supply, other components I can't pronounce) Months of incessant calls before I scored the promise of a refund: 4 Months it took to actually obtain said refund towards new machine: 2 Phone messages... Continue Reading →

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