Surprises and endurance, mine and yours

The luge track is finding it’s groove. And a deep groove it is. There is so much snow out there!


We had the most excellent surprise of all our kids coming home this weekend.* Even the Arkansas kid showed up on the doorstep.

So now you get to endure the photos of the throwback sledding party.

You lucky dog, you.


Just like the olden days, we hit the track with verve and vigor, but the lens of time has subtly changed the trackside scene. The bundled bunch is a whole lot taller these days, the language heard from flying mouths slightly fouler, and there are some new faces in the crowd. I got to hang out at the first curve with the grandbaby, and his papa joined the ranks of bombers. Unfortunately, Scotty had to work Saturday, but he got in a little Rar time Friday night.

Boys big and small

I can’t really explain how it was that the whole Ottinger Party of Nine (now Eleven) found themselves in the midst of a family reunion, but I will not look a gift horse in the mouth. It was great having a houseful.

We were also let in on the somewhat botched up secret that the Arkansas Kid is done with the only slightly psychotic Arkansas stint, and is rejoining the ranks of card-carrying Wisconsinites.

And the parents finally exhale.


Since Court and Alex and Baby Rar are closing on their house in Prescott at the end of the month, and Brianna is back in-state, and Rachel’s travel hiatus is held firmly in place with an apartment lease for the next 15 months, this all means that the entirety of the Ottinger Tribe will be residing in Sconnie by March. Not exactly next-door neighbors, but getting closer.

I know they’ll all be bouncing around the globe for years to come, but having them all within 4 hours of home is a nice feeling.

Better relish it while we have it.

Anyhoo, there was a little slumber party, and then there was sledding. Let’s get to it.

You always have to keep ’em guessing as a grandma. We begin early.
Sarah and followers


Rachel and Rar

Rar had a great time out there. It was the first real snow he got to BE in. You know, when it wasn’t -37º. First off, we planted him like a tree. It was a great success:

Quercus Rarus

Then the boy and I sat at Turn One to Watch the Carnage.

He’s a natural at the whole watching thing.


It was hard to tell, but I think Alex enjoyed himself.
Rar’s Refueling Station

Will tried planting himself in the snow like a tree, too, but he didn’t take:

Limpus Willicus Vibernum

Overall, it was a beautiful weekend, and we are a pretty blessed mama and papa to have such a great bunch.

Oh, jah. Rar had his fist sled-ride. He was stiff as a board for the whole thing. Apparently watching is more his speed:

Rigid SnowBaby

And just for fun, a new family portrait:

Court, Alex, and Gerard

On the downside, a little birdie told me this morning that Brianna (Arkansan fmr.) had a rough ride home to the southern end of WI last night with AJ and Will. There may have been a speeding ticket, she was definitely stuck in a snow-filled parking lot for two hours,  I believe she yelled at strangers and scarred her brother for life, and it is possible that she was then attempting to drive home without headlights in the deep of night. I hear the floor of AJ’s dorm room is quite comfy, and Brianna and Will are now making their way all the way to their mom’s, for real.

Turns out you can drive faster in Arkansas. Take a nap, B.

If you need me, I’ll be waiting for the next surprise,

*There are no pics of AJ. It is a sad truth, but she was with the boyfriend, and missed out on all the fun. She arrived as the dryer was tumbling all the pants dry, and is surely flogging herself now, upon the sight of what she lost.

11 thoughts on “Surprises and endurance, mine and yours

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  1. What a wonderful time you all had. Unlike us, we picked our broken boy up from hospital after a car accident on Friday. Broken clavicle and fractured sternum, change of hospital and surgery on Friday. That baby though, gorgeous or what?

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  2. What fun. Beautiful photos and beautiful family. We are getting a lot of snow right now here in Arizona. My friend just sent me a video of our place up north. So far ten inches and it is still going. We are here in the city and desert so we will be getting rain while Our Little Red House up north will be stuck in the middle of a winter storm. It is so quiet and peaceful after wards. The snow reminds me of diamonds when the sun hits it.

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  3. Most of the roads are closed right now. There was snow in Scottsdale which is not too far from where we live here in the city. Crazy seeing snow on cactus. A friend of mine up north was able to email me this morning when the blizzard first started and she took some shots with her phone. Then we got a call that the electricity was going to go out because of the ice, so I haven’t heard from her since.We keep getting calls here in the city about conditions up north because of our place up there and they are reporting places to head to for shelter. There was already two fatalities with a crash here and a truckdriver had a roll over up in the snow. Even the snowplows are skidding off the roads. Up north where Our Little Red house is, is way up by the rim, in the high country. The valley where are place is, is very hard to get to during the Winter but there are people in town that live there all year. Thank goodness our friends up there have generators. In cases of medical emergencies they have to send in helicopters, that’s why we have to have helicopter insurance on top of everything else. They are reporting that this storm is going to get bad later tonight. I hope not. When this storm is over, everyone from the city will be heading up there, it will be insane but everyone loves the snow.

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