I was struck with the contrast of experience this week when my buddy, Andrew, from Andrew’s View of the Week, posted a bit about how cold he was. He’s from Cali, and he and I have… differing intolerances. He cannot abide the weather when it deigns to dip into the 40s. I cannot abide the weather when it inches up above the 80s. We whine at opposite ends of the spectrum, Andrew and I.

Anyway, I thought I’d post a few photos of life at the Ottinger Ranch this week.

A little background before we begin… January was cold and (mostly) snowless in NW Wisco. The worst kind of winter. Previous to the images I’m about to share withya, we had a week or more of insanely cold temps. -40º insanely cold. Things were dipping to -60º with the wind chills. It was chilly.

Also, the luge track was completely un-navigable. What is the point of winter if there is no snow and you get frostbite within seconds?

We got a little bit of snow as that nasty cold snap ended, jumped up into the 40s for a day–just enough to pack things down make some puddles, and raise some serious fog–then plunged back down below freezing the next day, laying a thick veneer of ice over EVERYTHING. Going outside was taking your life into your own hands. (See Nabby’s troubles for reference.)

Then it snowed…

Friday. Things had already packed down, but we probably had 15+ inches of fluff by this point.




Last Tuesday, winter truly began–finally. As it should be:









I posted this to Instagram that same day:





Since then, we’ve gotten some more snow. Here’s today’s view of the picnickers paradise:

IMG_20190212_161828 (1)
See the trampoline back there? At snow level? We are NOT some of those fancy folks who have dug their trampoline into the ground to protect our children from falling off. Also, that thing was cleaned off last night, lest it burst from all that snow.

And this view of the sundeck hit Instagram today as well:

There will be no grilling. The hamburgers are under the broiler as I type. Sigh.


Let’s compare:

Jah. Wow.

I wish pictures could really capture what’s going on out there. It’s pretty fantastic.

For the record, I love snow. This is what winter is all about. Those tundra-temps? They’re for the birds, and I have no use for them whatsoever. But the snow. Oh, the snow. I loves me some snow.


IMG_20190212_161807 (1)



Here’s me:

I thought I could maybe show how the snow was up above m’cozy Carhaarted knees.

Yeah, not really.

I tried.





Let’s run out back, where the grills live:

Thanks to the relatively calm breezes, those railings have held up pretty well. We lost a big hunk this morning, and in other places, we’ve got those heart-stopping cornices.

How about a mouse’s-eye view of the sledding trail, with ascending kids?

IMG_20190212_163403 (1)

And a close-up, so you believe me about the ascending kids:


It’s just breathtaking out there.

Andrew, I wish I could show you, without giving you hypothermia.

For now, I’ll leave you with a quick video of some local airborne snow angels:

And a little breaking in of the luge track:

It’s supposed to snow some more Thursday.

I can’t wait.

Don’t tell my trusty snowblower operator that I’m gunnin’ for more,


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  1. Hi Krista,     What a great post! I absolutely love your photos & videos. I think the snow is beautiful even though I have spent many hours shoveling it.❤️Paula

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