Random facts and ponderings for the day…

  • Bob-o-Links have quite possibly the coolest song/call/chatter I’ve ever heard. Not to mention their stylish backwards tuxedos. They make me feel better about the occasions that I wear my own shirts backwards.
  • 2010_0418AC.JPG
    This is Roo’s Love Igloo

    Selling an item is the surest way to find all of its component parts… after the fact. Ever since our weed whacker found a new home we have been unearthing manuals and extra string.

  • Chickens are spectacularly stupid creatures. I have no idea how our lives have become so overwhelmed with them.
  • Two trampolines are so much better than one.
  • WordPress users are helpful folks. Thanks to all who have been diligently responding to my ignorant requests for help in coding and making my blog better. You rock!

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