You can’t go back

20160314_144558.jpgThe first greenery has erupted on our land.

Many of our treefolk currently sport buds so swollen with springtime excitement that their seams are near to bursting, but they don’t dare let go. Many more (the wise ones, I suspect), have abstained from sending their life force out to their tips in earnest, choosing rather more prudently, self preservation.


But one over-excited bunch of elderberry, right along our driveway, has not only given himself over to the frenzy of our confused Wisconsin spring, he has given up the fight entirely. His buds have exploded, his new leaves unfolding into the falling morning snow. I’m sure he’s thinking twice about his recklessness right about now, but as they say, you can’t go back.

May your youthful vigor sustain you, even through your more audacious escapades,

* Photos courtesy of Rachel

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