Thursday Writers’ Postbox: Episode 1

We write for a whole pile of reasons…

We write because we want to. Sigh.
We write because we need to. Therapy, anyone? No, thank you; I write for a living  :).
We write because someone is paying us to do so. I, for instance, just finished a touching freelance series of tutoring adverts. Real tear-jerkers.

A young Emily… writing…

And sometimes we write because it is time, dagnabit, to put pen to paper, to rest fluttering fingers on keyboard, to make something happen. For only when we write do we find the time to grow and flourish as writers.

In a wild stab at accountability and discipline, through no small dose of misguided impulsivity, I am embarking upon a new blog-based voyage: Thursday Writers’ Postbox, a quick weekly dose of writerly insight. We are making history here, people.

Accountability: Somehow that aforementioned paid gig, though amazing, snatches all the time and energy away from my other valuable writing, and I find myself at a bit of a loss creatively. This project is my stuttering effort at putting a little of myself into the writing mode every week, even when I am feeling far removed from my true writer-self.

Discipline: I should have more. Somehow a schedule, a deadline, is a little appealing. Not that I am excited about the work of the discipline. Who is? But I am excited for the end results, which should be earth-shattering.

Misguided Impulsivity: I’m cautious. I wait things out. My general policy is to never act until you’ve had a good long while to contemplate your actions. Good life advice for the most part, but there is a place for just diving in, too. This whole Writers’ Postbox idea came to me an hour ago, in the car. Here we go.

And thus commences the voyage…

Write On,



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