The Art of the Waffle

In 40 words or less: Fourteen-year-old Sam Wyatt has the perfect life, and everything she needs for health and happiness.  Until she doesn’t.  The Art of the Waffle explores the basic human needs of love, friendship, and faith.

This work started out as a story of desperation and starting over, starring young Caleb Avery.  The working title was Done with the Night up until it became apparent that Caleb was no longer in the driver’s seat, and had relinquished the title of hero to his girl-buddy, Sam.  Thanks to some fancy footwork and plot juggling, Sam successfully took the reins and found her own story to tell, and Caleb has learned to be content with his role as the leading man in the passenger’s seat.

The Art of the Waffle is Sam’s story of conquering fear and finding true friends and faith, yet still very much guest-starring the desperate and starting-over Caleb, in need of all the same things in different ways.  While the plot underwent some serious reconstruction, the themes not only remain the same in Sam’s rendition, they are simplified, strengthened and intensified.

We don’t have to go it alone in life.  We are here together, and God is always putting people in our lives with whom we can travel the road to salvation, helping each other up, challenging one another, encouraging and loving each other into the kingdom.  We only have to keep ourselves awake enough to notice them.

 The Art of the Waffle is about embracing the lives God had graced us with and being determined to make the most of every moment.

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