Wearing out.

The fan attached to our bargain model fireplace unit is dying. It’s a small miracle that it has gotten us this far, and it’ll be a large one if it fires up this fall when we call it back into service. You know how things on the brink of death get after a season of... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Letter

It went out this morning. Well, at least the digital edition did. Due to budgetary constraints, we're utilizing the miracle of the free interwebs this year, for all of our loved ones who have enough techno-literacy to open a pdf. You can find it here: 2015 Christmas Letter For the rest, she's on her way to the... Continue Reading →

Structure Reprise

Just kidding. I'm done. Were you worried? I have to say, that Structure Series was more than I bargained for. I thought I could tinker away at it, here and there, in between things. But that was not going to get it done before my Writers' Group meeting. Thanks to a marathon of post-generation, and... Continue Reading →

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