Structure Reprise

Just kidding. I’m done.

Were you worried?

I have to say, that Structure Series was more than I bargained for. I thought I could tinker away at it, here and there, in between things. But that was not going to get it done before my Writers’ Group meeting. Thanks to a marathon of post-generation, and the lovely scheduling feature WordPress offers, I fit it in.

And now I’m done.



It feels good to be able to spend my precious writing moments producing something a little more fitting for my me. My very own personal me. While I enjoyed getting into the nitty gritty of the structure sub-world, the novelty has now worn off and I am ready to freewrite my brains out. Which is good. Because my novel is still stuck in that blasted little black box.

An update on my spectacular week:

  • Apparently the closest lightening strike to my home this weekend was 4 miles away, according to the nice adjuster gentleman that visited me today. Crazy, the information that we have at our fingertips these days.
  • I’ll be calling in an appliance technician tomorrow, who apparently possesses similar magical powers and can take one look at my washer and tell me if it succumbed to airborne electricity or fell to more natural causes.
  • I believe right now, if I wanted to take a trip into town, I might be able to catch my aforementioned insurance dude / weather guru wrestling through my plumber’s dumpster to find the crap-soaked pit pump that was retired yesterday. It, too, apparently holds secrets worth investigating. Have at ‘er, man.
  • My beloved computer? Well, I’m typing on it now, but only because it has decided to grace me with its better temperament this evening, and only in a grossly handicapped capacity. I refuse to attempt installing anything beyond Chrome on this thing when I am convinced that I will be talking the next-in-line at Lenovo to send me a shiny new one. So you see, all I can really do is blog :).

See you soon,

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