An old friend new

I love Annie Dillard. Non-Fiction, anyway. I can't speak to her fiction. But her NF is brilliant.It's interesting to me how I can forget things so easily. I was in the middle of An American Childhood when it had to go back to the library many months ago, and I never did get it back. Plum... Continue Reading →

Understanding me

It was one of those few and far-between epiphanies. The forehead-to-palm moments. In Quiet, Susan Cain was pontificating on the need for solitude in concentration and creation. The basic need for peace and quiet when embarking upon any creative  - or deep thinking - process. She wasn't writing about writing, per se, but she did quote a... Continue Reading →


It has been said that tough things, painful things, are grist for the writing mill. Recently, friend of mine threw that one out there second-hand—the roll of her eyes and snort of derision reaching through the email screen. She offered it up to a mutual writing buddy, in case they might draw any more comfort... Continue Reading →

The mourning of a scene

Man, is it hard to kill the darlings! I've been dancing around it for days, trying to figure out how I can work a scene into my novel. At some point I wrote it, obviously thinking it had a home. I don't know what happened since then, but, at this point, it truly is a gypsy,... Continue Reading →

Structure Reprise

Just kidding. I'm done. Were you worried? I have to say, that Structure Series was more than I bargained for. I thought I could tinker away at it, here and there, in between things. But that was not going to get it done before my Writers' Group meeting. Thanks to a marathon of post-generation, and... Continue Reading →

Finding Time to Write

...Do not tell me you are a writer but have no time to write. I don’t have time for that (because I am writing)... Linda Lafferty on Finding Time to Write | Ouch. Delivered to my inbox this afternoon was this article from Writer's Digest. Linda Lafferty is a busy woman. I daresay busier than... Continue Reading →

A treasure lost in the computer…

Things are tightening down a bit.  And loosening up.  My image of God, my perception of the Truth, my model of Perfection.  They are being honed in and refined, while at the same time broadening out and becoming more and more universal.  It is an interesting process, and one which has proven greatly frustrating, and... Continue Reading →

The Rewriting Enemy

I've read much about how rewriting can become an illness, an unstoppable virus that can take over your life and paralyze you.  Until last month, I wondered at these authors, making such heinous claims.  I have been writing my novel for over a year without looking back, in true NaNoWriMo form, only rereading when I... Continue Reading →

The Mystery of Freewriting

"Just write.  Write whatever comes out on the page.  Don't worry about content, grammar, anything.  Just write." We've all been told this at some point in our lives.  It is not advice given exclusively to writers.  If anyone has ever been in charge of our education, we've been told to just get some words on paper.... Continue Reading →

Encouragement and Cattle Prods

If you've read any books on writing, at least books on writing with the intent of being published, then you know that there are seventy-five million ways to be rejected, a deluge of precise methods we can employ to ensure our work will never see the light of day.  Despite our desire to 'just write'... Continue Reading →

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