An old friend new

I love Annie Dillard. Non-Fiction, anyway. I can't speak to her fiction. But her NF is brilliant.It's interesting to me how I can forget things so easily. I was in the middle of An American Childhood when it had to go back to the library many months ago, and I never did get it back. Plum... Continue Reading →

Understanding me

It was one of those few and far-between epiphanies. The forehead-to-palm moments. In Quiet, Susan Cain was pontificating on the need for solitude in concentration and creation. The basic need for peace and quiet when embarking upon any creative  - or deep thinking - process. She wasn't writing about writing, per se, but she did quote a... Continue Reading →


It has been said that tough things, painful things, are grist for the writing mill. Recently, friend of mine threw that one out there second-hand—the roll of her eyes and snort of derision reaching through the email screen. She offered it up to a mutual writing buddy, in case they might draw any more comfort... Continue Reading →

The mourning of a scene

Man, is it hard to kill the darlings! I've been dancing around it for days, trying to figure out how I can work a scene into my novel. At some point I wrote it, obviously thinking it had a home. I don't know what happened since then, but, at this point, it truly is a gypsy,... Continue Reading →

Structure Reprise

Just kidding. I'm done. Were you worried? I have to say, that Structure Series was more than I bargained for. I thought I could tinker away at it, here and there, in between things. But that was not going to get it done before my Writers' Group meeting. Thanks to a marathon of post-generation, and... Continue Reading →

Finding Time to Write

...Do not tell me you are a writer but have no time to write. I don’t have time for that (because I am writing)... Linda Lafferty on Finding Time to Write | Ouch. Delivered to my inbox this afternoon was this article from Writer's Digest. Linda Lafferty is a busy woman. I daresay busier than... Continue Reading →

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