Wherein Pooh is Quoted

This is it for the cutout cookies. I have brought them with me to the keyboard in order to end the madness. I have eaten so many Christmas cookies in the past week that I, as is customary for late December, feel like I, too, may be made of nothing but dough and heat. What's... Continue Reading →

Critical Update

Yes. Oh, yes. Do you see that? That is a fire. On the hearth. Our hearth. Let me catch you up... First of all, I can't believe I made it through that whole last post without including pictures of Sherman the Wonder Cat. And BABY RAR. Allow me to rectify... Christmas Eve. Pre-church. Baby Rar... Continue Reading →


Bruce, savin' the world... Tied up the Christmas movie marathon this evening with the annual viewing of Die Hard.  Indeed. Not a Christmas movie, you say? Oh, ho, ho! How wrong you are! There are very few movies that elicit quite this brand of Christmas cheer! I learned something new today as well. According to the... Continue Reading →

With or without me

There is snow on the ground this morning. Not a lot of snow - just enough to produce the lovely sequence of a dozen or so squeaks beneath each footfall - just enough to cap the roof and nearly bury the green grass. But it is snow, and it is good. I am a firm... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Letter

It went out this morning. Well, at least the digital edition did. Due to budgetary constraints, we're utilizing the miracle of the free interwebs this year, for all of our loved ones who have enough techno-literacy to open a pdf. You can find it here: 2015 Christmas Letter For the rest, she's on her way to the... Continue Reading →


There is a tree in my living room. Correction: there is a portion of a tree in my living room. We headed out this afternoon to a new tree farm. Correction: we headed out this afternoon to an old tree farm. We're fed up with paying $40 for a Christmas tree. Honestly, I think we... Continue Reading →

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