Another win

And, on the heels of the Standing Rock ruling in the right direction, we have a similar decision on the Twin Metals Mining proposals on the shores of the Boundary Waters. The Bureau of Land Management and the Department of Agriculture pulled the plug on Twin Metal's leases, possibly ending the argument on whether highly... Continue Reading →

A win

A tiny/huge victory yesterday on the front of the Dakota Access Pipeline standoff, though the battle is far from over. The Army Department put a halt to the project in their decision for further environmental impact studies. No promises, but a step in the right direction. And a monumental shift in the generally accepted paradigm... Continue Reading →


We're coming up on a critical juncture in the fight to protect the Boundary Waters from mining interests that threaten to pollute and compromise the watershed. The Star Tribune just did an article on Becky Rom, a driving force behind the Save the Boundary Waters Campaign. My husband forwarded me the link this evening, and... Continue Reading →

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