A win

A tiny/huge victory yesterday on the front of the Dakota Access Pipeline standoff, though the battle is far from over. The Army Department put a halt to the project in their decision for further environmental impact studies. No promises, but a step in the right direction. And a monumental shift in the generally accepted paradigm of American dealings with the environment and the Indigenous nations.

Promising. Let’s hope it is the first step of many towards more honorable exchanges with our people and with our planet. Voices are still needed. Because wars are rarely won in one battle. Sign on at Standing Rock’s Site. While you’re at it, stand up for our wild places again at Save the Boundary Waters.

Our Waters… Protect Them.

The Guardian did a great article about the Standing Rock ruling, one that I have no desire to rehash, but every desire to share: You can read it here.

We live in painfully polar political times. The only way we will see true and lasting change is to make it happen ourselves, in our own lives, in the causes that are near to us. Aligning ourselves with any political wing seems, at this point, only to further the divide. But making our own decisions in where we lend our support, on an issue by issue basis, mindfully and prayerfully, can affect real results. There has never been a better time to be a political fence sitter, to back causes on either side of the chasm, regardless of what wing they may make us appear to identify with.

I stand with the water protectors. To some, this makes me a zealous leftist. I stand with the protectors of life. For which I am pegged radical right-wing fanatic. There are two sides to every story, and I hope that as you label me, you take the time to glance at the other side. Then join me on the fence and let’s make a difference where we can.

Don’t do politics. Do Good.


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