Another win

And, on the heels of the Standing Rock ruling in the right direction, we have a similar decision on the Twin Metals Mining proposals on the shores of the Boundary Waters. The Bureau of Land Management and the Department of Agriculture pulled the plug on Twin Metal’s leases, possibly ending the argument on whether highly damaging copper ore mining will ever be allowed to destroy our National treasure. The Duluth News Tribune tells the story. But so does MPR, the New York Times, and a million other news organizations, all highly speculative on what the administration change will do for the action.

Our Boundary Waters

Of course, legal action is already underway. Nothing is ever certain, but again, a step in the right direction is a tremendous win.

Thanks to those who signed petitions and gave money to the efforts. If you’d like to urge MN senators to support the cause, for much more urging is neccesary, you can do so here.


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