How does one go about collecting words? You know, quotes from this and that. Snippets. Sentences you need to remember and hold onto. Paragraphs that are life-altering and never to be let go of. Words you simply must collect. Anybody else do this? I know you do. Tell me how you've done it. The nuts... Continue Reading →

Turns out

Let's start with this beautiful blade of grass... Serene, right? Yes. Indeed. Moving on... Alright folks, time for a little botanical trivia. Ready? Do you recognize this guy? The twig there, kinda' middle right? No? Hmm... How bout these? See 'em? All 3 sorta' shooting up at the same angle? Left-bearing? And the one blurry... Continue Reading →


There is a tree in my living room. Correction: there is a portion of a tree in my living room. We headed out this afternoon to a new tree farm. Correction: we headed out this afternoon to an old tree farm. We're fed up with paying $40 for a Christmas tree. Honestly, I think we... Continue Reading →

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