Understanding me

It was one of those few and far-between epiphanies. The forehead-to-palm moments. In Quiet, Susan Cain was pontificating on the need for solitude in concentration and creation. The basic need for peace and quiet when embarking upon any creative  - or deep thinking - process. She wasn't writing about writing, per se, but she did quote a... Continue Reading →

A fit of exhausted frugality.

It's been a rough week. Something terrible happened to my body last week and it is in... shall we say... revolt. The proverbial wheels have fallen off the bus, and are currently speeding down I-94 on their own self-directed course. I am certain they'll return eventually, when convinced I'll welcome them home with contrition, tears, and... Continue Reading →

Writers’ Block

I can write about it now because it's over.  Or at least in the process of being overcome.  Words are flowing again, and the mind-numbing force of writers' block is passing. I had been bound up, churning out nothing but frustration for months, and while plenty of other productive things were happening, the brutal fact... Continue Reading →

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