You leveled up

I woke up this morning with the drive to write a blog post. And with the time to do it. When does that ever happen? Answer? It happens only in conjunction with the sudden realization that I have nothing to say. It’s all blather. I don't want to recount the early departure of the youngest,... Continue Reading →

A change of plans

So back in the day, Solomon finished the Temple and brought in the Ark, and they had one big to-do. A major shindig. They sacrificed so many sheep and oxen that they couldn’t be counted. How many must that be, for not long ago they had just gotten through numbering every male in Israel, to... Continue Reading →

Write Every Day… Maybe.

Butt in chair, fingers tickling keyboard. That's the prescription, right? It is fairly imperative, if you desire to be a writer, to write, but I read an article recently that made me question the mantra and its power in my life. Since my own writing has been hovering somewhere between squeamish and nonexistent, I though... Continue Reading →

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