Fall is arriving, on the backs of the wind, breaking through the sunlight and scattering it more and more every day. The cool is exhilarating. The dry is refreshing. The breeze and the crispness of the evening make me pine for the North Shore. How is it that such a place can become so precious?... Continue Reading →

Wilderness, and Home

We returned yesterday from our annual week in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. There is always a bit of culture shock as we re-integrate into the civilized world, and this year was no different. I took a walk this morning. On pavement. I was not navigating a boulder-riddled portage trail under the weight of... Continue Reading →

Los Padres

And just to prove I'm not a total poetry grinch... Over at Consciousness creates reality, fellow-blogger pseudonymous churns out quite a bit of it. Here's my favorite: Los Padres Five thirty AM a car drives by the camp site full of chanting monks ~pseudonymous This interrupted morning on the land reminds me of one of our own, on the... Continue Reading →

Reintegration and Poop

Vacation let-down. Back-to-the-grind blahs. Post-traumatic stress disorder. Whatever you call it, I haven't missed it. It used to hit me hard. Every time I left home, every time company abandoned me, I would struggle with the realities of after-shock. At least a day, sometimes several, would be lost to my inability to cope gracefully with... Continue Reading →

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