Throwing snow

The snowblower blew and axle the other day. It is nothing short of amazing that a 1” rod of super-manly steel can just cleave itself in two like a twig, but apparently it happens. The man of the house had just begun the blowing festivities when the left rear wheel fell akilter and lost all... Continue Reading →

Is it time?

Dare I even ask? The birds have already made their predictions, and have made the journeys that accompany them, and I hope for their sakes that it is indeed. For almost a month we've had strangers at the feeders. Dozens of redwing blackbirds blackening the trees outside my window, trying their hands at sunflower seeds. European... Continue Reading →

With or without me

There is snow on the ground this morning. Not a lot of snow - just enough to produce the lovely sequence of a dozen or so squeaks beneath each footfall - just enough to cap the roof and nearly bury the green grass. But it is snow, and it is good. I am a firm... Continue Reading →

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