Little Wins

The day before Christmas Eve, I sent the Christmas Letter in to the printer, because that is the optimal time to get your Christmas Letters printed, practically ON Christmas. This is not conventional wisdom, I know, but almost there was no Christmas Letter, so sending it to print on December 23rd still seems like a... Continue Reading →

Throwing snow

The snowblower blew and axle the other day. It is nothing short of amazing that a 1” rod of super-manly steel can just cleave itself in two like a twig, but apparently it happens. The man of the house had just begun the blowing festivities when the left rear wheel fell akilter and lost all... Continue Reading →

Friends new and old

I spent a few primetime hours in the emergency room last night. There has been a nefarious flipflopping in the vicinity of my ticker over the past few days, and when the frequency of the internal acrobatics reached sub-minute intervals—recorded much like timing contractions, only without the pain, and adding the joy of a stethoscope—I... Continue Reading →


There is a tree in my living room. Correction: there is a portion of a tree in my living room. We headed out this afternoon to a new tree farm. Correction: we headed out this afternoon to an old tree farm. We're fed up with paying $40 for a Christmas tree. Honestly, I think we... Continue Reading →

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