Below My Feet

Music.  It can be so powerful, in every dimension imaginable.

I have been a captive of the music of Mumford and Sons for several years, and for whatever reason, I never tire of them.  Their music is nothing if not honest, and in their honesty they convey consistently more true emotion than one usually hears on the radio.  Joy, angst, fear, love, desire and desperation; they all lie naked in their songs, inviting the listener in to struggle with them, like any sincere and worthy work of art.

I have no words of wisdom or folly, no writerly thoughts whatsoever, really, to share.  But I will gift to you a great song, and offer it up as a prayer, whether intented as such or not.  This life deals its share of pain, and a true faith is one that can turn that pain into yet another path to the Divine.  Sometimes all we can ask is for the earth to stay beneath our feet.

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