Astrophysics for Writers

My family has been enjoying watching episodes of a very well-done show on astrophysics, quantum theory, and all the big questions that they raise. We’ve seen lots of approaches to the biggest and smallest science can fathom, and this series is head and shoulders above the rest. It helps that Morgan Freeman hosts, because who could say no to listening to his buttery voice for an hour? But even without his charisma on screen, the show presents everything gorgeously.

Through the Wormhole tackles everything from the Higgs Boson to the origins of time, time travel to intelligent life and the hereafter. But what makes it really stand apart is that there is no agenda. Morgan Freeman, as host, presents all the possible theories and approaches, from the ho-hum, to the traditional, to the true fringes of human thought. Then… get this… he moves on.  There is no time wasted on his or anyone else’s attempts to conform the viewer’s ideas to their own. The information is presented, and presented beautifully I might add, and you are left to contemplate and draw your own conclusions.


After following my kids through their passionate explorations of the farthest reaches of space and the innermost reaches of ourselves, I have yet to find a documentary that could rise above the arrogance of Science: the Religion, and truly embrace the mysteries of our existence.  Through the Wormhole keeps the wonder alive and well, and sets no bounds on the possibilities. No opinions are elevated or squelched. No imaginary walls are erected. Every episode we watch I am still waiting for him to throw someone under the bus. The religious scholar, the woo-woo free-thinker, the rigid know-it-all scientist who can’t be bothered by anyone else’s stupid opinions – someone.  But that is not on the menu. The mission is the conveyance of science, with more than enough room for new angles, toppling the golden calves, and in-flight adjustments on the human journey, reinventing our thoughts and theories as needed.

If you’re looking to stretch your brain a little, and have ibuprophen handy for a few of the more intense episodes, this show should be on your watch list. And if you’re a writer, I know you’re always looking for ways to learn, grow, and dig further into life.  Time to pop some corn and cozy in with Morgan Freeman and an open mind. You can thank me later.

* Photo courtesy of Emily

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