On the wings of an early spring…

…came the flu.

Sarah bouncing a buddy in the sun

I’ve been down with it for a while… too long of a while. But I am happy to report two straight days of health, and tomorrow I will declare myself free of its evils and safe for the rest of the world. Good riddance.

Much to my horror, our gorgeous weather this past week coincided nearly perfectly with my own, less-than-gorgeous misery. While I would have liked to be out in the sunshine frolicking, I have to say that it was still glorious to lay on the trampoline, curled up in my blankets, soaking up that sun a bit more passively. My participation in nature’s resurrection was regretfully limited to pathetic moans and groans, but somehow they are less pathetic when drowned by the songs of the birds and branches.

I am confident that spring will peek her shy face out again, and with any luck, I will not be found harboring the flu when she does.

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