Money Talks

George Bernard Shaw, so the story goes, once said to a society matron, “Madam, I’ll wager you would go to bed with me for five pounds.” She was instantly indignant. How could he think such a thing? He paused as if thinking and asked, “What if I offered you one hundred thousand pounds?” She hesitated – and her silence gave her away. “So,” Shaw said, “we aren’t arguing about the act, but merely about the price.”

Vicky Robin & Joe Dominquez, Your Money or Your Life

Ouch. Does that hit home a little? It does for me. I can think of about a dozen examples of my ideals being strong and mighty, and then thrown under the bus when the time comes for them to be tested. Most involve judging others for their choices, clearly poor ones from my enlightened perspective. Until I find myself in the exact same situation, making them look like the enlightened ones, and me like the fool.

One of the many ways God helps us to cultivate compassion for others. Things are rarely as they seem, and we are rarely in a position to pass judgment on situations we are not at the current moment struggling through. Seems so simple, and yet I seem to need near-constant reminders.

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