The right kind of people…

In an email exchange regarding the transferrance of some 36″ tree protectors (a hot commodity on any market), I noticed the subtle tagline at the end of our correspondent’s message.

We often see, ‘Sent from my iPhone,’ or, ‘Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S5 Tablet,’ or, ‘Sent from my mobile device that is way better than your mobile device and is reading your mind right now,’ advertised on behalf of the sender, a nice little service provided free of charge by any smartphone worth its salt. While I am sure that these folks, senders of said emails, no doubt love their phones, they probably don’t love them enough to tell everyone about it at the end of every email. Thank goodness Apple and Samsung help them out and save them a few thumb-taps.

This message, however, was tagged with a line that I am fairly certain her phone manufacturer didn’t append for her.

Nan’s message was deliberately tagged with, ‘Sent from the barn.’

I love Wisconsin.

Our own barn (ok, shed… don’t be picky) going up 4 years ago

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