Pressure Gone Awry

There is something terrible happening in my kitchen.

I made bone broth today. Not for the first time. I decided there might be enough to justify bringing the pressure canner up, and canned it tonight. Not for the first time.

The lid’s been off the canner for almost an hour. There is a near constant cracking and popping and happening in there. I risked life and limb to snap this picture:

The home of the paranormal events

You’ll notice that the lid is not intact on one of those cans. This was my first real hint that things were not going as they should. Actually, the first hint was the gunshot that went off about fifteen seconds into my removing the weight to release the steam.

She blew and she blew (I smelled broth. It doesn’t seem like I should smell broth at this point. I guess THIS was the first hint.) and then ka-BOOM, I jump back just as the steam release nipple shoots suspiciously-broth-like liquid all up in my stove hood. Just a bit. Here’s the big first hint.

I imagine that that big bang was the lid blowing right off that can there at the top.

Now that just shouldn’t happen.

The remaining six specimens survived the ordeal of their companion, but have been voicing their concerns mightily.

I’m used to taking the jars out and waiting for the small chorus of pops. Six. Six pops for six jars.

Not ninety-twelve pops and clangs and cracks along with assorted burbling noises. For an hour.

Very strange indeed.

I am writing this at nine hours past my bedtime because I want there to be a record of the incident should none of us emerge from the house in the morning.


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  1. Oh my word! I’m petrified of my food processor and my blender. I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to try canning – I’ve never owned a pressure cooker (for good reason I think). I’m wondering if perhaps you should reconsider canning too. Great post, you’ll be early to bed tonight I’m guessing.

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