Number One Hundred

KJTransI meant to publish a ‘year in the life’ when I hit a full year of blogging. But it came and went with little pomp, or even thought. Somehow a ‘thirteen months in the life’ doesn’t carry the excitement, so I just let it go.

But one hundred posts seems like something to celebrate, too! I took a peek at my stats for the last 99 posts (if you must know it took me 13.5 months to get to number 100). Here are the vitals, for you statistics buffs:

Posts: 100 (woot! woot!)
Views: 1,092 (half of them probably my own clicking around like an idiot hamster trying to get out of the wheel)
Most views in a day: 55 (shockingly all from somewhere in Australia; I had a big day down under)
Most viewed posts: Why do we write? (20), Story Structure Series (20), My Mind Palace… For Real (a close second at 19)
Comments: 50
Most commented post: My Mind Palace… For Real (thanks to the MOOCers!)
Blog followers via WordPress: 65 (the few, the proud… you rock)
Twitter Clicker Followers: 10
Shares (FB, Twitter, Pinterest, G+): 45 (who knew?)
Most shared post: Right here, right now (yeah; that is a good one ♥ )

Nothing too exciting here.

What IS exciting is everything I’ve gained from this great blog experiment. I had no idea what fun it would be, how very much I would learn, and what a boon it would be for my writing and my life. Definitely a worthwhile experiment. Let’s give ‘er another year…

Happy blogging,

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  1. Congratulations! It’s rare for me to be entertained by text, but your writing style I find easy to experience. If there was one word I could pick to describe your writing style it would be ‘meadow,’ and it’s wonderful.


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