Up-and-Coming Finance Committee

Committee might be a strong word. Soapbox, maybe.

I am nearly through with my 5th book on Social Security, retirement, and investment; I’ve been on somewhat of a run. It’s been enlightening, actually, and inspiring on many levels. So much so that I am teaching a class this month, to share all the eye-poppers and come-on-down-back-to-earth-ers. Everything from the roots of our nation’s own social insurance program to the finer details of asset allocation has been spotlighted on center stage lately, and I must admit to enjoying the show. It’s all pretty exciting until you realize, as I did, that you have no money. If we’re going to be realistic here, I’m only dabbling in theoretical investing, as are all the fine folks that will come to hear me pontificate on the state of the union, but some day there may be a windfall that needs to be dealt with. I. Will. Be. Ready.

Buckle your seatbelts, folks. I feel a series coming on.

Keep yer boots on. I’ll try not to keep y’waitin.

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