Mission Accomplished

And the starvation was effective.

Somehow, by some miracle of January, I was able to break hard, frozen ground at my retreat, and push forward into a new project. There was a seed before, but the thing just would not develop. Compost is faithful, however, in heating things up. The manure of starvation and the fertile ground of a writers’ retreat (along with a bit of sweat equity) brought swift germination, and we’re off and running.

20170621_093416Now, there are tiny seed leaves to tend. That means, as far as my gardening experience tells me, no more starvation. Possibly building a coldframe, a structure to protect the developing seedling as it unfurls. So much responsibility.

The retreat was beautiful. I’m not sure how to fit that all into words, but it was everything I’d hoped for and more. The perfect little farmhouse, the perfect partners in crime. A woodstove, an ice storm, even the book I’d been looking for, right there in the shelves waiting for me.

Backwoods Wheeler, it turns out, is the perfect place to disappear and find your muse for a few days. I am grateful.

Back home, the new mattress pad is still in place. Life is good.

And now for a coldframe,

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