I have to say, the snow falling outside my fire-warmed home makes me all seasonal-sappy. Amazing what a coat of white can do for the psyche. I went for my first AAH-IT'S-WINTER-AND-I'M-TAKING-A-WALK walk this morning. It required boots - and much orange, given my temporal proximity to the midpoint of gun deer season - and... Continue Reading →

Just in Time

I've spent the last week not being able to move my head much. Torticollis. Thanks to virus or misstep, I am not sure, but I am sure that short of childbirth, breaking bones, and events involving large incisions, this has been the most pain I've ever been in. Yes, that definitely includes the back-spasm incident... Continue Reading →

Buying a car

We're buying a car. I'd post about something else, but really, buying a car is kind of all-consuming. What makes the purchase really interesting is finding yourself squarely in the $2-3K bracket. There is not much car out there for that much $, but alas, there we are. The minivan was given its last rites... Continue Reading →

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