Whirlwind Indeed: Ready the Mailbags


1 two-year-old $900 van

4 Ottingers (occasionally 5)

8 National Parks

14 States

23 Days

308 Gallons of gas (regular)

6,916 Miles


I’ve yet to meet a good family vacation that was made better by the presence of a laptop. So I left mine at home. Thank God.

I did blog. Sort of.

I did some psuedo-shorthand-paper-and-pencil-memory-jogger blogging. Seven-word summaries of thousand-hour days. Mental memoirs amidst mileage logs and grocery lists.

And now it’s time to convert all those henscratches in the dust into the travelogue I would have written were I not so busy enjoying my family. We all make our choices. Mine mean that you’re getting stale tales and foggy fragments, held together with spit and duct tape, just like our van.


Don’t worry. I’ll fake it like a boss and it’ll be just like you were there with me. I’ll only ask you to turn a blind eye my fraudulent, jet-lagged timeline. Think of the whole upcoming series as a string of postcards. Postcards that took their sweet time crossing the desert to get to you.

Love from everywhere,

The Whole Enchilada:

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