Day Twenty-Four: Tuesday, June 12th, Greetings

We never found Delaware. All those miles, and all that adventuring, and Delaware was nowhere to be see.

We did hike with a lovely woman from Delaware, so maybe that counts for something. We even threatened to follow her back to her car, but–ridiculous her–she let her Rhode Islander friend chauffeur her across the country. Tragic.

And the river-chucked phone? It’s still hanging in there, though a bit grumpy. It doesn’t appear to have survived its dip in Willis Creek completely unscathed, but a bowl of rice might be just what the doctor ordered.

We did come home to something even better than Delaware, and even better than a working phone, though

A grandbaby.



Baby Gerard Alexander, or as my mother insists on calling him, Tobias.

Life on the road is sweet, but I always love to come home. Especially when such sweet surprises are waiting for us.

And Larry?

He’s poopered. I feel ya’, man.


Life is good,

The Whole Enchilada:

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