Day Seventeen: Tuesday, June 5th, Sequoia’s Last Stand



Big Trees.


The little energy we had to expend today took up up to General Sherman, and the desperately-in-need-of-renovation Lodgepole Visitor Center.

The Giant Forest Museum further down was quite nice yesterday, but the Visitor Center up by the Lodge is stuck in the wrong century. I can only hope it’s next on the agenda!

We were running on borrowed steam today, and after lunch, we could hear our puzzle calling us from the valley below…

Mental Stimulation… Cooperative Family Time… Air Conditioning…

And down the mountains we went.



And we finished.

Not before closing time, but the nice lady at the front desk gave us a key, and we worked happily into the evening. Never fear, the solution was checked and double-checked. We nailed it.

And now for a public service announcement from Kris’s Dragon Spa:


Yep, Baby Gerard Alexander was born late last night, our very first grandchild.



He’s pretty cute.

Tomorrow we hit the road for Utah. I can only imagine that the heat situation isn’t going to improve much, but we’ll make the best of it. If we never return, we melted somewhere in Nevada.

‘Til then,
Grandma KJ

The Whole Enchilada:

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