Day Twenty-One: Saturday, June 9th, Chateau de Boj, Boulder, CO

Wee Little Cousins


We hit the end-of-trip wall.

Started the day with big plans to go to the pool with the kids today, and then all run up to Rocky Mountain National Park tomorrow.

Ended the day with a short trip to the park across the street with the kids, and maybe a jaunt to the pool tomorrow.

Man, once you sit down to rest, it’s all over!

We did have a great day visiting with the Boj. There were bubbles to chase, water balloons with which to pelt children on the trampoline, and The Greatest Showman on the outdoor bedsheet theater. Most of all, down time, with as much quality family time squeezed in as we could muster between naptimes. Ours and theirs.

A little Hugh Jackman time before bed

OSHA-approved Bubble-Hunting Gear:




As well as OSHA-sanctioned Bubble-Hunting Safety Officers:




If you need me, I’ll be collapsed in some much-needed R&R,

The Whole Enchilada:

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