Day Twenty-Two: Sunday, June 10th, More Boulder Respite…

Flagstaff Road, Boulder

I’ve never had the experience of winding down from a vacation before actually getting home, and I don’t totally hate it. We are pretty-well wasted, which doesn’t lend itself to grand adventures with family here, but just hanging out might be even better. And maybe the vacation let-down will be a little bit less, having already had some time to dissipate in the thin mountain air of Colorado.

We did make it out to the pool today, and all the many-aged kids had a great time. It wasn’t Rocky Mountain, but let’s face it, Rocky Mountain might have killed us at this point. Besides, Sarah’s ears needed a break.

We weren’t the only wiped kiddos:



Jeff and Ang had this wild and crazy sunscreen that I can’t wait to get my hands on; it was powder! You pump on one end of the glorified mascara container, and then you use the blush brush at the other end to dust it on. WHAT? The report is that it works great, and doesn’t give the mineral sunscreen burn.


Until now, I thought that burn was just me. Certain mineral-based sunscreens go on just fine, and then I get wet, and my face feels like I developed a sudden allergy to water. But apparently I’m not the only one. Yay me.

So I looked up this miracle of modern microtech. First of all, pricey, but I was warned. It’s on track to last this Boulder family two years, though–in Boulder, where the sun always shines and the Bojars are always out in it–so not so terrible.

Second of all, the irony is thick. It appears to be some of the safest sunscreen out there. I’m a bit of a sunscreen shunner, and avoid the chemical-based products like the plague. I can’t hold my breath long enough when the hordes around me are spraying themselves cancerous. I’ve found some decent mineral screens, with minimal hormone disruptors, but they’re not always the most effective, and there’s always that burn problem. But EWG seems to think this one is a hit. Tiny ingredient list. No known issues. Nice.

The irony? It has been embraced the most heavily by those that need a sunscreen to apply over their makeup. You know, maybe these are the folks that find the safe makeups and apply sparingly. Maybe. But the bulk of those I ran across were the Tammy Fayes of the world, caking death on by the bucketful and then needing something that won’t smudge their fifth coat. Yikes.

Regardless, it’s in my Amazon cart. We’ll see how it goes. I’m really excited that it won’t mess with my paintjob.

A beauty parlor also set up shop in our neck of the basement this afternoon:



The results were fantastic. I’d show you what these hair wizards did with my flowing locks, but I forgot to take a picture.

img_20180610_191140.jpgWe had some great dinners here at Chateau de Boj, and some lovely backyard time, even if the seating was a bit unorthodox.

It was great to get a little time with the fam here on Colorado turf. How they make the drive to ‘Sconnie as often as they do–with all the kids and dogs and gear–I don’t know. But I’m glad they do.

Heck, now that we’ve broken the seal, maybe we’ll venture out thousands of miles on a more regular basis. Like crazy people.

Tomorrow, we rise before the sun and bail for home. All refreshed and ready to unpack.

Missing CO already,

The Whole Enchilada:

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