This just in: Death, that wicked foe, hath overtaken him. My laptop is dead in the water. It would be generous to my character to say that I am saddened. I am, in terms more fitting of reality, getting grumpy. Pissy, even. Because while a hard drive and other miscellaneous parts are indeed on their... Continue Reading →

What was I thinking?

It's always amazing to me how effective procrastination is as a tool to get everything else in your life done. Always. What I really needed to do today was figure out what hilarious anecdote to share for the up and coming Terror and Storytelling Event. You see, the lovely folks who organize said event would... Continue Reading →

Now that THAT’S done…

I love Christmastime. I do. But there are certain aspects of this glorious wintertime holiday that I pay for every year. #1: Shopping. I don't shop. I loathe shopping. I have seven children and one grandson, and someone has to shop for them. Argue with me all you want about the merits or horrors of gift-giving... Continue Reading →


Hours on the phone with Lenovo: ~72, but who's counting? In-home technician visits: 5 New motherboards: 4 Additional parts replaced: several (fan, power supply, other components I can't pronounce) Months of incessant calls before I scored the promise of a refund: 4 Months it took to actually obtain said refund towards new machine: 2 Phone messages... Continue Reading →

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