This just in:

Death, that wicked foe, hath overtaken him.

My laptop is dead in the water.

It would be generous to my character to say that I am saddened. I am, in terms more fitting of reality, getting grumpy. Pissy, even.

Because while a hard drive and other miscellaneous parts are indeed on their way, and while I should have a phone call from a fine gentleman named Emery soon to set up a date where we can share some quality time while he disembowels my machine–again–and while tech support assures me that if all else fails, they’ll be happy to pay for me to send the computer in to them for ‘diagnossing’ (misspelling purposeful, because according to tech support you run diagnosstics to diagnoss, and diagnose is an actual different language not spoken in Atlanta, GA), all I can see is that I have a writer’s retreat coming up, and so help me, if I have to unplug this desktop monstrosity and all it’s accouterments and set them back up for my retreat in paradise, I may have an aneurysm.

Also, this blasted screen given me a headache like no other. Which is why I have a laptop.

The whining shall continue, don’t you worry, but I will end the sharing of it here. Because I can already feel the screen working its black magic.

On a happier note, has anyone noticed the sun??? 2019 is shaping up to be a pretty stellar year in terms of D3 consumption. Not so much in terms of technological woes, but we can’t have everything. I guess I’ll take another walk to boost the flagging smile-o-meter.


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