Trips large and small

Me post-nos. It's small for obvious reasons. Had me a little nitrous the other day. I guess it was almost a month ago now. Time flying when the fun is had and all that... The nitrous in question was administered at my request as prelude to an extraction. You see, while I've had a tooth... Continue Reading →

To be the chaplain

Accidental Saints found its way into my library hold shelf a while back. I didn't review it. Not because it wasn't good. Just because I didn't. I can do that sometimes... read a book and not even have the decency to write about it. Apologies. I loved it. Nadia Bolz-Weber is a foul-mouth overly-tatted rough-and-tumble... Continue Reading →

A bit more on silence…

... and walking, because that is where I find my silence. Thanks to the many-a-mentioned MOOC and the Monks of New Skete, I've learned some things about myself, and how to finally find some measure of stillness in my life. I got to thinking about that quite a bit a while ago, whilst evaluating my progress, and there was... Continue Reading →

Completed MOOC – a look back…

I've been blogging a little bit about the Learning How to Learn MOOC I've been participating in. I finished it up, after taking quite a bit of time off to accommodate a relentless summer, and I thought I'd go back through those learning techniques I rambled on about. A progress report of sorts.  Some of... Continue Reading →

God in dirt

We are a fickle creation. Capable of such amazing feats of love and mercy, yet so often stuck in judgment and vice. We may stand in awe of God's majesty when we are hit in the head with it - when it comes to us as lightening to the scalp - but so often anything... Continue Reading →

Right here, right now.

One of the fifth century fathers said that we must establish ourselves firmly inside our skin with nothing protruding outside. At the same time we are full of vivacity, we move fast and are capable of acting quickly. Why? Because we are not reaching after anything, the aim and content of our life in this... Continue Reading →

Every day waking

What a challenge... to be awake. The literal sense of being awake is a difficult enough task at times, but the deeper, the meaningful, the real awake is an even more elusive creature. Every time I go through my little devotional I get stuck at the same page. It challenges me to rise up and be... Continue Reading →

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