Right here, right now.

One of the fifth century fathers said that we must establish ourselves firmly inside our skin with nothing protruding outside. At the same time we are full of vivacity, we move fast and are capable of acting quickly. Why? Because we are not reaching after anything, the aim and content of our life in this situation is to be here we are now, whereas ordinarily, and nearly all the time, we live live as though we are trying to catch a bus.

~ Metropolitan Anthony Bloom, God and Man

Emily_2015_0620_011How often are we protruding outside of our own skin, lost in what is next, what we need, what our eyes follow? It is a great challenge of our will to live in the moment, to embrace our now, and to be content there. It is a greater challenge of our paradigms to recognize that the best way, the most efficient way, to get outside of ourselves for the world and those around us, is to get inside ourselves in the present moment. To be at home in our own skin, not ramming our heads into the glass like a captive animal. For how can we possibly welcome the world in if we ourselves are trying to escape?

* Photo credit: Emily

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